Full-service Customized Fleet Electrification Solutions

Revolv offers a technology-agnostic, customer-centric approach, simplifying the process for transitioning your fleets.

Delivering what fleets care about most

Our commitment to reducing operational complexities and risks ensures you a smooth, efficient, and timely transition to electric vehicles, allowing your fleet to operate with excellence and confidence. 

EV Van charging at charging station

Maximizing uptime

Optimizing fleet uptime ensures continuous operation, minimizing disruptions and efficiently meeting the demands on your fleet.

Fleet of EV vans in parking lot

Delivering savings

Unlocking unparalleled economic benefits you can allocate resources more effectively with our comprehensive suite of services.

Graphic showing charge status of EV

Achieving ZEV miles

Transitioning to cleaner energy sources helps you reduce carbon emissions from your fleets while and to meet regulatory requirements.

EV Van driving down a rural road

Your partner for programmatic, tailored solutions

Our technology-agnostic, programmatic approach tailors solutions to your fleet’s unique electrification needs. Revolv seamlessly integrates vehicles, energy infrastructure, and software, maximizing zero-emission miles and uptime performance.

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of regulation requirements and available incentives, we offer you cost-efficient solutions, simplifying the process of achieving your sustainability goals, without economic or operational compromise.

Performance-driven solutions customized for your specific needs

Revolv’s holistic approach centers on performance, not just products. By maximizing uptime, delivering savings, and achieving zero-emission miles, we ensure your fleet operates at its peak efficiency. Revolv focuses on results, reducing risks, and accelerating your company’s environmental leadership, making your performance our primary product. 

EV Van driving down a rural road

Streamlining operational excellence for your fleet's future

Revolv simplifies the challenges and complexities of electrification, reducing risk and speeding progress. Unlike other providers, we don’t just deliver products; we build, monitor, and maintain the complete system required to achieve operational excellence. 

Positively impacting the communities we serve

Revolv customers often operate in low-income communities that are disproportionately exposed to harmful air pollution. Revolv is optimistic about the potential of fleet electrification to impact public health and create job opportunities for priority populations.

An EV at a charging station

Start your transition to a zero emission fleet today!

The time to start transitioning your fleet to electric is now. Revolv can help your company move more quickly and confidently toward the future of fleets.