DRVE Tool: Comprehensive Fleet TCO Analysis and Electrification Optimization

Calculate your fleet electrification TCO 

Dashboard for Rapid Vehicle Electrification, or DRVE, is a powerful tool that equips users with decision-relevant information on the financial viability and environmental impact of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle fleet procurements across an entire fleet. The Microsoft Excel-based tool can evaluate a variety of procurement ownership structures, vehi-cle types, electric vehicle charging configurations, and many more scenarios.

The DRVE tool (free but you will need to register to access), created by the Electrification Coalition (EC) in collaboration with Atlas Public Policy, is designed to offer a comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis for fleet operators, enabling them to identify areas for further investigation. It factors in various elements such as miles driven, vehicle lifespan, electricity and fuel costs, maintenance expenses, charging strategies, procurement methods, and available incentives.

The tool delivers insights including the estimated number of vehicles in a fleet that can achieve cost savings or cost parity, and those suitable for electrification. It also provides a breakdown of charging needs and emissions impact. This DRVE Tool User Guide gives in-depth guidance on how to use the tool once you have downloaded it from the EC website.




DRVE dashboard tool