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Resources Powering Your Fleet: Navigating Fleet Electrification

US Department of Energy – State Laws & Incentives

Not sure what laws, incentives, and regulations are applicable to your fleet?  Take a look at US Department of Energy – State Laws & Incentives. You will find a comprehensive overview of the various ones related to alternative fuels and vehicles within your region. Explore the tabs and filters to find specific information on topics such as electric vehicle (EV) incentives, infrastructure, tax credits, and regulations pertaining to fleet electrification. You can also utilize the search bar to quickly locate specific policies or programs relevant to your needs. And while you are there, take advantage of the resources available, such as fact sheets and calculators, to deepen your understanding of the incentives and regulations in your state. Whether you’re a fleet manager, policy maker, or individual interested in alternative fuels, this website serves as a valuable tool to stay informed and make informed decisions regarding clean transportation initiatives in your area.