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News Meet the Revolv Team – Sebastian Rivera, Director of Fleet Engineering


As we continue to work to accelerate the fleet electrification transition, we couldn’t do it without our team of industry-leading experts. In our Meet the Team series, Revolv has been highlighting these game-changers and we’re honored to spotlight Revolv’s Director of Fleet Engineering, Sebastian Rivera. Sebastian wears a lot of hats at Revolv, working directly alongside our Business Development, Product and Implementation teams, bringing his extensive experience across the automotive service world. 

Read more about Sebastian’s role, his thoughts on the new technologies pushing EVs forward, and what else he’s excited for as the zero-emission fleets segment grows:

What is your background?

I have been in the automotive service world for more than 14 years, spending

two of those years as a service writer and the remainder of those years as either a technician or production shop foreman. I have worked at several independent shops, dealerships, fleets and, most recently, at a major OEM’s manufacturing plant. I currently hold 18 nationally recognized automotive certifications with ASE (Automotive Service Excellence); the DOT (Department of Transportation); and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), as well as five Master Certifications with GM (General Motors). I graduated with honors from the Universal Technical Institute in Glendale Heights and I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science and Conservation from Concordia Texas.

What is your role at Revolv?

I am the Director of Fleet Engineering for Revolv where I play a multifunctional role. From assisting our Business Development team in securing the right vehicles for our customers; to consulting with the Implementation team on timelines for product delivery; to assisting Fleet Operations with resolving complex repairs of our existing assets; to partnering with the Products team to further the development and scope of our telematics offerings, you could say I wear a lot of hats.

What attracted you to Revolv?

The entire startup space fosters creativity and encourages creative thinkers to push the boundaries of what is achievable, and Revolv is certainly no exception.

What excites you the most about the EV fleet industry?

I personally am a sucker for new technology. I am excited to see how OEMs incorporate data communication multiplexing and cutting-edge battery technologies into their designs to better serve the EV market and their customers. Technology two years from now – or even six months from now – will be at such an advanced level and I am excited to be here for the ride.

What do you see as the future of fleets?

Improved battery technologies as it pertains to range, durability, and degrees of

operational safety will reshape the future of fleets. Battery chemistry plays such a pivotal role and tier one OEMs will continue to push the envelope on their R&D goals for revolutionary innovations. For example, solid state batteries, graphene batteries, and GaN MOSFETs come to mind as exciting technologies that are nascent in the marketplace.

What is one fun fact about you?

I have recently gotten back into Auto Crossing and Track Days with my car. I enjoy racing and becoming one with the vehicle to test myself and be present in that very moment.